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Dongguan knscha Electronics Co., Ltd. belongs to AJC Group (AJC Group), a brand: Knscha, a subordinate manufacturing one factory and the second manufacturing plant. The company has strong independent innovation capabilities, obtained dozens of patent certificates, mastering core technologies. The product is produced in accordance with the Japanese JIS standard and positions high -end. It is a high -tech enterprise focusing on capacitor research and development, production, and providing comprehensive capacitor application solutions. Relying on the advantages of the third -generation semiconductor southern base and chip extension in 2021, it is dedicated to the research and development and industrialization of SIC silicon carbide power devices. Focus on: silicon carbide diode and silicon carbide MOS, benchmarking the international front line.
        Copenison has strong strength, has an independent property plant, has an enterprise headquarters base and R & D and operation center. The factory production and testing equipment are excellent, product design capabilities, and rich manufacturing experience. In 2015, ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification , And have been certified by TS16949; Kony Sheng is based, and has been the title of "Key Contracts and Credit Credit" enterprises in Guangdong Province from 2017-2021; Kony Sheng is vigorous and is a director unit of Dongguan Young Entrepreneurs Association. , For the director unit of the Dongguan Public Welfare Volunteer Association, the Guangdong Lion Club will love enterprises; Konison is constantly improving, and in technology fields such as small volumes, high temperature resistance, long life, ultra -low impedance, wrap resistance, dual 85 dampness and heat resistance, etc. Strive for the synchronization of the international leading level and won a number of Guangdong high -tech product certificates.
         Copenisheng has continuously enriched the product line, and has formed cover: aluminum electrolytic capacitors (patch/lead/bull horn/bolt/solid), aluminum titanium organic metal electrolytic capacitance (high -end product, titanium oxide capacitor), supercapacitors (dual -electrocompaners capacitors (dual electrical capacitors) ), Metal membrane capacitor, security capacitor , ceramic capacitors, and inductors such as the electronic component industry chain, such as, can better meet global customer needs. Products are widely used in industrial control, new energy, nitride PD fast charge, smart grid, LED -drive power and lighting, 5G, automotive electronics and IoT IoT.
         knscha Electronic Knscha brand capacitors (X2, Y1/Y2) have obtained international security certifications such as US UL, Canada CUL, German VDE, ENEC10, China CQC and South Korea KC (X2). , Zhengtai, Siemens, Bulls, Feike, Jiuyang, Supor, Nanda, Keelu, Feijiao and other well -known global enterprises supply chain.
        Cunsheng goes all the way, keeps aggressive, aims at developing Gaoxin Lai products, adapts to global technology, continuously enhances competitiveness, and strives to be technical leaders in the capacitor industry!