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These products use a completely new technology that provides superior switching performance and higher reliability to silicon.
Product advantages:ultra-low leakage current, high temperature resistance
Product applications:PFC lines, DC / AC inverter for solar / wind power generation, uninterrupted power supply UPS, motor


Number Part Number VDC IF (Tc=150℃) Package
1 KN3D06065N* 650V 6A DFN 5×6
2 KN3D10065N 650V 10A DFN 5×6
3 KN3D06065G* 650V 6A DFN 8×8
4 KN3D10065G* 650V 10A DFN 8×8
1 KN3D02065A* 650V 2A TO-220-2
2 KN3D03065A 650V 3A
3 KN3D04065A 650V 4A
4 KN3D06065A* 650V 6A
5 KN3D08065A 650V 8A
6 KN3D10065A* 650V 10A
7 KN3D15065A* 650V 15A
8 KN3D20065A* 650V 20A
9 KN3D30065A 650V 30A
1 KN3D10065H* 650V 10A TO-247-2
2 KN3D15065H 650V 15A TO-247-2
3 KN3D20065H* 650V 20A TO-247-2
4 KN3D30065H* 650V 30A TO-247-2
5 KN3D40065H* 650V 40A TO-247-2
6 KN3D50065H 650V 50A TO-247-2
1 KN3D15065D* 650V 15A TO-247-3
2 KN3D20065D* 650V 20A TO-247-3
3 KN3D30065D 650V 30A TO-247-3
4 KN3D40065D 650V 40A TO-247-3
5 KN3D60065D 650V 60A TO-247-3
1 KN3D06065F* 650V 6A TO-252-2L
2 KN3D08065F 650V 8A TO-252-2L
3 KN3D10065F* 650V 10A TO-252-2L
1 KN3D03065E 650V 3A TO-263-2L
2 KN3D04065E 650V 4A TO-263-2L
3 KN3D06065E 650V 6A TO-263-2L
4 KN3D08065E 650V 8A TO-263-2L
5 KN3D10065E* 650V 10A TO-263-2L
6 KN3D15065E 650V 15A TO-263-2L
7 KN3D20065E 650V 20A TO-263-2L
8 KN3D30065E 650V 30A TO-263-2L

Number Part Number VDC IF (Tc=150℃) Package
1 KN3D30090H* 900V 30A TO-247-2
2 KN3D42090H 900V 42A TO-247-2

Number Part Number VDC IF (Tc=150℃) Package
1 KN3D02120A 1200V 2A TO-220-2
2 KN3D05120A* 1200V 5A TO-220-2
3 KN3D06120A 1200V 6A TO-220-2
4 KN3D08120A 1200V 8A TO-220-2
5 KN3D10120A* 1200V 10A TO-220-2
6 KN3D15120A 1200V 15A TO-220-2
7 KN3D20120A* 1200V 20A TO-220-2
1 KN3D10120H 1200V 10A TO-247-2
2 KN3D15120H* 1200V 15A TO-247-2
3 KN3D20120H* 1200V 20A TO-247-2
4 KN3D30120H* 1200V 30A TO-247-2
5 KN3D40120H 1200V 40A TO-247-2
6 KN3D50120H 1200V 50A TO-247-2
1 KN3D10120D 1200V 10A TO-247-3
2 KN3D12120D 1200V 12A TO-247-3
3 KN3D16120D 1200V 16A TO-247-3
4 KN3D20120D* 1200V 20A TO-247-3
5 KN3D30120D 1200V 30A TO-247-3
6 KN3D40120D 1200V 40A TO-247-3
7 KN3D60120D 1200V 60A TO-247-3
1 KN3D10120F 1200V 10A TO-252-2L
2 KN3D02120F* 1200V 2A
3 KN3D06120F* 1200V 6A

Number Part Number VDC IF (Tc=150℃) Package
1 KN3D12170D 1700V 12A TO-247-3