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These products are designed to be fast and rugged and include system benefits from high efficiency to reduced system size and cost.
Product advantages: high frequency, high power, high efficiency, low conductive resistance
Product application:solar inverter, high-voltage DC / DC converter, motor drive, switch power supply, UPS


Number Part Number VDC IDC(TC=25℃) IDC(TC=100℃) RDS(TJ=25℃)
PD(TJ=25℃) Package
1 KN3M0080120J 1700V 5A 3.5A 96W TO-247-3
2 KN3M0050120B 1200V 43A 58A 50mΩ 327W
3 KN3M080P120B 1200V 40A 28A 78mΩ 208W
4 KN3M0080120B 1200V 31A 42A 80mΩ 300W
1 KN3M0100120K 1200V 100A 71A 20mΩ 428W TO-247-4
2 KN3M0030065K 650V 92A 65A 28mΩ 326W
3 KN3M0060065K* 650V 51A 97A 59mΩ 208W
4 KN3M040P120K 1200V 62A 44A 35mΩ 300W
5 KN3M0040120K* 1200V 55A 39A 40mΩ 300W
6 KN3M0050120K* 1200V 43A 58A 50mΩ 344W
7 KN3M070P120K 1200V 39A 27A 68mW 200W
8 KN3M080P120K 1200V 40A 28A 78mΩ 208W
9 KN3M0080120K* 1200V 31A 42A 80mΩ 300W
10 KN3M0140120K 1200V 152A 108A 14mΩ 625W
1 KN3M0080120J 1200V 32A 23A 80mΩ 136W TO-263-7