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Industry information

What are the special requirements for the 10G network transformer on the transceiver?

Time:2022-09-19 Views:336
As we all know, with the arrival of 10G Ethernet, 10G network transformers have been widely used. Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you the special requirements for 10G network transformers used in transceivers.
Generally speaking, the 10G network transformer on the transceiver will have POE requirements. So, how do we judge whether the 10G network transformer has POE function?
Two 10G network transformers of the same line and size, one of which has POE function and the other does not have POE function. The difference between them lies in the difference in the use of internal materials. The response to the parameters of the network transformer drawings is generally displayed on the product page. The head description indicates that the product itself cannot be observed with the naked eye.
for example:
Pulse Electronics: H7008FNL, 10G, NonPoE
Pulse Electronics: H7028FNL, 10G, PoE
The external dimensions are exactly the same; the internal wiring design is also the same; except for the difference in printing, the two cannot be distinguished from the appearance at all; the real difference lies in the materials used for the magnetic ring and the enameled wire.
I hereby remind everyone that when purchasing a network transformer, pay attention to the situation of using a non-PoE network transformer as a PoE network transformer.